"Yo no protesto pormigo porque soy muy poca cosa, reclamo porque a la fosa van las penas del mendigo. A Dios pongo por testigo de que no me deje mentir, no hace falta salir un metro fuera de la casa para ver lo que aquí nos pasa y el dolor que es el vivir." (Violeta Parra en Décimas, autobiografía en versos)

domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

I'm here (Estoy aquí English translation)

I already know you won't come back,
everything which happened, time has left it behind.
I know that you won't return. 
What we had won't ever repeat.

Thousand years aren't enough to erase you and forget.

And now I'm here wishing fields become in cities,
by mixing sky with the sea.
I know I let you go, I lost you
and nothing is going to be the same.

Thousand years might be enough for making you forgive.

I'm here loving you,
getting drowned between pictures and notebooks,
between things and memories which I can't understand.
I'm going crazy, changing a feet over my face,
this night for the day, oh what!
There's nothing I can do!

I never sent all the letters I wrote,
I guess you won't want to know of me.
I can't understand how fool I was,
it was just a thing of time and faith.

Thousand years and thousand more are enough to fall in love.

If you're still thinking a little of me,
just know I am still waiting for you.

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